Chris Komus

APPEARS ON: Rhythm Code V | Shanti Planti


The fifth electrifying entry to Shanti Planti’s annual compilation series, ‘Rhythm Code 5’ unites the musical visions of over twenty artists from across the globe in a tale of converging minds and shapeshifting realities. Drawing energy from a menacing fusion of dark, surreal, and heavy-hitting electronic styles, these protean creations speak to the essence of psychedelic music in their deployment of rapturous basslines, mind-bending melodies, and full-spectrum acoustics. Hitting on every tempo and extracting the raw essence of what those landscapes can offer, Shanti Planti and its expanding cohort of sonic mystics invite listeners to peel back the layers separating these realms and relish in the universal rhythms embedded within all creation.

Released May 19, 2020


Artwork by Quanta
Mastering by Mindex
Writing by SoundScrybe