Chris Komus

APPEARS ON: Rhythm Code IV | Shanti Planti

Shanti Planti’s 2019 compilation, Rhythm Code IIII, is a chimerical showcase of the dark, edgy, and hallucinatory dimensions of the psychedelic bass realm. Inviting listeners in with a warm embrace before funneling them through an increasingly twisted series of sonic corridors and landscapes, the collection delves into the depths of earth­-shattering halftime, radical psychedelic glitch, seductive dub, and dreamy downtempo. A cinematic tour of sound that pushes the fringes of high-­tech psychedelia to new frontiers, Rhythm Code IIII offers a lucid glimpse into the convergent potential of the human collective as viewed through the eyes of Shanti Planti’s global network of musical visionaries.


released March 15, 2019

Artwork by: Quanta
Mastering by: Slava Mindex
Description by: SoundScrybe