Chris Komus

Transporting us to vibrant new depths in the ever-expanding world of psychedelic music, Shanti Planti’s mind-bending “Rhythm Code III” is a chimerical and mesmerizing exploration of dream, memory and the influence of sensation upon the mind. Conceived by an artist collective united across the globe by its hallucinatory and hypnotic approach to high-tech sound design, this curated compilation album draws upon primitive roots to create an intoxicating blend of sounds that refuses to be contained to a single genre.

From start to finish, listeners are guided across the sonic sphere in an sensory dive into spacious downtempo, organic dub and rhythmic glitch juxtaposed with a beat-rich array of menacing bass, mid-tempo dub and swanky psychedelic funk.

Enhanced by the beatific qualities of conscious bass—ethereal transitions, rising and falling energy peaks and deep, textural atmospheres—this concise and powerful arrangement is a vivid memento of musical heritage that can be enjoyed in a single sitting or separated by track.


released February 15, 2018

Mastering by Mindex
Visual by Quanta
Written Transmission by Christian Cortes aka SoundScrybe