Chris Komus

APPEARS ON: Rhythm Code II | Shanti Planti

It is our collective pleasure to share with you the second Rhythm Code installment: another collection of the finest and most cutting edge psychedelic-squelch-bass-music to be found in the immediate galactic vicinity.. Enjoy the release in its flowing entirety, and help sustain the collective that is Shanti Planti, by downloading @

“Daring to probe the depths of the mind and soul to peer into the underlying currents of our physical being is the Rhythm Code. A sonic exploration of the slick, ephemeral and surreal, this intricate array of outlandish sounds and primordial beats is a portal into the abysmal tides and archetypal lands that lie beneath the collective experience we dub reality.

This revelatory collection from Shanti Planti draws together thirteen visionary minds from the healing realm of mid-tempo psychedelic electronica and follows them on their latest journey into the sensory fields that lie beyond the veil.

Stretching across the vibrant landscapes of organic bass, cavernous glitch and psychedelic dub, this holographic world of drippy and curative sounds will evoke a new emotional experience for every listener while illuminating the shadows of uncharted imagination.” – Christian Cortes,

Mastering by Preference Mastering

1. Shwex & Mumukshu – Hidden Anomaly 04:47
2. Globular – No Such Thing as Nothing 09:32
3. Land Switcher – Root Fraction 06:09
4. Chris Komus – Hide Beneath The Quercus 07:25
5. EurythmY – Deckoda 06:53
6. Bogtrotter – Habitual Focus 04:01
7. Quanta – Inbetween 06:49
8. Tribone x Whitebear – Unity 05:16
9. Halfred – You Top Yah 03:57
10. Animatronix – Embrace [Shaman Mix] 06:33
11. Ecometric – Velvet Wormhole 04:38

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