Chris Komus

Chris Komus’s 2018 release is a haunting journey into the dark wilderness, where chimerical melodies lurk in the shadows and granulated textures wriggle and roil across the fractured landscape. Wheezing Corporeal Shell lures us into a web of wickedness, tickling the mind with a twisted array of glitch, psydub, and halftime as it draws us into its vicious grasp in search of discovery. – Christian Cortes

Album Artwork: Matik Design
Mastering: Ion Driver


Charts & Press

September 13th, 2018 Exclusive Premier on The Untz

“We have become huge fans of Winnipeg’s Chris Komus over the past few years. We never miss an opportunity to share a new tune from the psychedelic bass producer to the north. Komus tends to work in the glitchier, more downtempo realms, but our chosen track from his new EP, which happens to be the title track from Wheezing Corporeal Shell (out September 15th on Shanti Planti) finds itself at the nexus of psydub and deep dubstep.” – The Untz

Featured release on Addictech