Chris Komus

Plucking on the vibratory strings of the cosmos, Sickly Fingers offers a glimpse beyond the dark and visionary frontiers of psychedelic music, where time has eroded genre into its primal components. A luscious array of wobbly glitch textures, micro-edited basslines, and bluesy instrumentation, this mesmeric release from Chris Komus puts a cutting-edge twist on the hypnotic and pioneering spirits of old-school space rock and classic dub. Engineered for a new age of sonic exploration, Sickly Fingers reveals the timeless influences lurking in the deepest expanses of modern psychedelia. – Christian Cortes

Album Artwork: Matthew Vidalis
Mastering: Ion Driver


Charts & Press

April 14th, 2017 Exclusive Premier on The Untz

“There are many names you can call on when you need your psydub fix, but the #1 doctor recommended psychedelic brand in our home is Chris Komus. The Canadian audio wizard always treats us right with these sonic journeys that not only treat our symptoms, but really cure the ills that dog us. Komus has a brand new EP dropping tomorrow (April 15) on iconic theShanti Planti label. Sickly Fingers has five incredible tracks, and even the artwork by Matthew Vidalis is pretty stunning. ….” – The Untz