Chris Komus

Canadian Based Artist Chris Komus takes you on a audible journey to snow capped barren landscapes, where frequencies whisper across kilometres of virgin dew covered mountainsides,eventually melting into the wind,becoming nothing more than a diminishing vibration, lost forever.

Floating with ease from the intricate hypnotic atmospherics of “Everything Just Started To Go Apart”, To the spine rattling primordial sub frequencies of “The Bottom Of The Well”, These two tracks bring a mature organic vibe to Enig’matik where Komus slots in perfectly with a steadily growing roster of cutting edge artists from around the globe exploring the contrast between abstract glitch exploration and ambient tinged atmospheric sculpting methods, placing Enig’matik Artists in a world of their own, bound only by imagination.

Make sure to pack your flint and survival kit, for this journey make take you deeper than initially planned….