Chris Komus

Black Tuna Recordings proudly introduces Chris Komus and his two-track “Chamber Of Goonbags” EP. This record delivers a blend of funky, dark, and sinister fit for Halloween. The first track “Goonbag Missile” comes to you in the form of a bouncy Glitch-Hop banger sporting a somewhat medieval tone with an epic twist. The track begins with a percussive pad that slowly evolves into the intro melody before progressing into a tense build up. Alluding to multiple musical influences and styles “Goonbag Missile” is a journey through sound and the perfect Halloween treat. “Second Chamber” is the second track on the EP and comes to you in the form of a drum and bass smasher. The track begins with a sombre piano playing over a distant string pattern. Drenched in effects layers, spooky synths, and percussive ambience, you are instantly lost in its nuance and melancholy setting. “Second Chamber “ is sure to evoke the spirit of drum and bass this Halloween.