Chris Komus


Floating in the dark space between atmospheric electronica and orbital bass, The Lioness draws listeners into a sprawling landscape of prophetic sound untouched by the passage of time—a place where futuristic bass, artistic rock and pulsating dub merge to create a sonic refuge where recreational thoughts blossom, rules are bent and imagination takes control.

Prepare for free fall as your mind and body dock with a vibrant cluster of micro-edited deep rhythms, instrumental samples and biosynthetic effects sewn from aural realms near and beyond. Peppered with glitchy basslines, psychedelic textures and chopped vocal samples, this transfixing song collection from Shanti Planti artist Chris Komus breaks into new dimensions inspired by the budding worlds of ambient bass, drippy glitch and psychedelic dub and further breaks the grip of genre on the electronic music world. – Christian Cortes

Label: Shanti Planti
Album/EP: The Lioness
Producer: Chris Komus
Album Artwork: Funilab
Mastering: Ion Driver