Chris Komus


The Psychedelic Bass movement has made its mark in the electronic music culture. After a few years of inspiration and guidance from some of the scene’s innovators including Amon Tobin, Tipper, Spoonbill, and Quanta; there is now a plethora of hyper-dank psychedelic bass-focused broken beat electronic music to supply a rapidly growing number of DJs interested in the sound; perpetuating the cycle with no signs of the end near.  This year delivered the goods with incredible releases from the scene’s most reliable outlets.  Omelette Records came back strong in 2015 with multiple albums and a slamming VA.  Addictech Records remained consistent, cherry-picking the best of the best and ushering numerous EPs and VAs.  The Shanti Planti collective in its second year, has proven to be the head-stash of psychedelic dub and downtempo thanks to its juggernaut roster.  These are only a 25 of the releases from this year which stood out to me most; giving me the sensation of instant-classic status, and hope to continue jamming these for many years to come.

If you’re familiar with any of these releases, or are intrigued by the idea of psychedelic bass music, save this article.  When you have time, check out each release.  Check out other releases from the source.  The only way to fully satisfy that burning desire of sonic treasures is to follow your own sense of sound.  Something I overlooked may catch your attention.  That is the beauty of an exponentially growing matrix of musical expression; there is something for everyone, everywhere!