A New EP in the works!


It’s been a while. Actually, it’s been a long while since I’ve released anything. There are a number of reasons for this, mostly relating to having quite a lot on my plate over the past year. Much of which fell far outside the scope of music creation.That said, I’ve still been hard at work creating new stuff when I can. Production time is ramping up in the new year as I put other projects to bed and get back in the swing of things music-wise!

I’ve also upgraded the studio computer to a new iMac. The old iMac I had before crept along at such a slow crashy pace that it effectively killed productivity and creativity. You know what is a total buzzkill? Buffer errors. Fucking buffer errors. So that’s out of the way now, and I can create music completely uninhibited.

This means that I will have a new EP to release fairly soon. It’ll be a 3 track EP, 140bpm psydub/psybient type stuff. I’ll be releasing with Israeli label, Frog-Hop. Check em out.

Details to come.

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Onion Union Fall Jam session Featuring a couple of my track (one unreleased)

Check out this video clip featuring a couple of my tracks, from Winnipeg based VJ Duo, Onion Union.

From Onion Union:

It’s been a while since we’ve rocked your screens so get ready!

Teaming up with Chris Komus, we’ve combined our unique alpha channeled style that we’ve been working on in our solo projects together over the past few years. It’s sharp, it’s punchy and we are very proud of how it turned out!


Goonbag Missile – Chris Komus
Laurentian Plateau – Chris Komus

Side projects of Onion Union performers:
Flamewar AKA Tyrone Deise – facebook.com/Flamewar.ca
Pixel Pusher AKA Chris Morley – facebook.com/PixelPusher.ca

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BUY ME A BEER! Bitcoin Donations Enabled!


If you enjoyed my tunes, or happened to find them aboard a pirate ship somewhere, help me out with a lil’ bit o’ love in the form of sweet sweet internet currency! Every little bit helps!

Send to this Bitcoin Address: 1Gr9Nuiq4mjKNMQXKWXJpwiJq7sT18efzg

It’s anonymous and you can feel like you are part of the future by doing so. :)

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