Onion Union Fall Jam session Featuring a couple of my track (one unreleased)

Check out this video clip featuring a couple of my tracks, from Winnipeg based VJ Duo, Onion Union.

From Onion Union:

It’s been a while since we’ve rocked your screens so get ready!

Teaming up with Chris Komus, we’ve combined our unique alpha channeled style that we’ve been working on in our solo projects together over the past few years. It’s sharp, it’s punchy and we are very proud of how it turned out!


Goonbag Missile – Chris Komus
Laurentian Plateau – Chris Komus

Side projects of Onion Union performers:
Flamewar AKA Tyrone Deise - facebook.com/Flamewar.ca
Pixel Pusher AKA Chris Morley - facebook.com/PixelPusher.ca

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BUY ME A BEER! Bitcoin Donations Enabled!


If you enjoyed my tunes, or happened to find them aboard a pirate ship somewhere, help me out with a lil’ bit o’ love in the form of sweet sweet internet currency! Every little bit helps!

Send to this Bitcoin Address: 1Gr9Nuiq4mjKNMQXKWXJpwiJq7sT18efzg

It’s anonymous and you can feel like you are part of the future by doing so. :)

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Twisted Tools UltraLoop Out Now! Featuring sound design by many Enig’Matik Artists, including myself!

W00t! Super stoked I can finally post this! Twisted Tools, one of my fave go-to plug-in solutions for sound-shenanigan mind-fuckery, has just released UltraLoop, which I’m super happy to have been a contributing sound designer for Enig’matik Records‘s contribution to the soundpack for the new plugin.

Twisted Tools have released ULTRALOOP, a first-of-its-kind loop remixing sampler with a fast and intuitive visual workflow for Native Instruments *Reaktor. ULTRALOOP combines advanced loop layering, comping, effect processing and automation techniques to generate new grooves, riffs and song ideas. You can use ULTRALOOP with the included factory sample library or to remix your own samples, injecting new life into any existing loop library.

ULTRALOOP is available now from the Twisted Tools Shop for $69. At the core of ULTRALOOP is an advanced loop layering engine and sequencer, capable of both layering and comping – a production technique that allows you to flip between layered tracks that are playing back simultaneously, by muting and un-muting slices of each layer. Up to eight tracks with loops of any BPM can be layered or comped together in real-time and can be further processed using the all-new Gestural FX engine.

The Gestural FX engine automatically generates dynamic effect movements that ramp and modulate over time, using a suite of creative effects designed to produce endless fills, articulations and variations. To create additional loops and variations, ULTRALOOP features and endless supply of randomization functions, connected to a unique Preset Grid system for each main parameter group. A Preset Grid allows you to store, recall and automate settings by using a dynamic memory grid made up of 17 slots that can be played on-the-fly. The settings for the entire instrument, including all the parameter Preset Grids can be stored and recalled in one of eight Global Scenes, allowing you to create infinite loop variations.

All the relevant instrument features can be played with live, without skipping a beat, by using a mouse, MIDI or OSC. ULTRALOOP comes bundled with various additional content, including an iPad *Lemur template by Antonio Blanca and a factory loop library by artists from Enig’matik, Loopmasters and Sounds of Revolution.

A series of Ultraloop Expansion Packs are available separately and feature loops and presets by artists such as Si Begg, Dusty Fungus and Chris Carter. *Reaktor Player not supported.

**iPad and Liine Lemur iPad App sold separately Pricing and availability ULTRALOOP is available from the Twisted Tools Shop for $69 Additional Expansion Loop Packs can be purchased for $19/each

Further product information and press material http://twistedtools.com/shop/reaktor/ultraloop

Loop Expansions http://twistedtools.com/shop/loops Features • Loop Remixing Sampler.

• Advanced layered sampler engine with intuitive interface.
• Visual loop compositing.
• Generative Gestural FX to create fills, articulations and variations.
• FX Sequencer
• Specialized track sequencer with mono and poly draw modes.
• Layered playback and editing of up to eight tracks simultaneously.
• Independent controls per layer, organized into parameter cells with sliders.
• Automatable Preset Grids per parameter group, with 17 memory slots each
• 8 Global Scenes per snapshot
• Preset Grids and Scenes are playable via mouse, MIDI or OSC.
• Extensive randomization options.
• Time and pitch stretching to allow loops with different BPMs.
• Flexible multi-output routing per layer.
• Master Punch control
• Swing
• Control nearly every parameter with included iPad Lemur OSC Template by Antonio Blanca
• 3+ banks of presets
• 2224 Sound Variations
• Over 800mb of included factory sample content by from Enig’matik Records, Loopmasters and Sounds of Revolution. • Optional Expansion Packs by cutting edge artists such as Dusty Fungus, Chris Carter and Si Begg

Check it out here!

Sound designers for the Enig’matik bank include:

Fine Cut Bodies
Flint Kids
Apparition Sound Design
Ion Driver
Dusty Fungus
Chris Komus
Sun in Aquarius

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Chris Komus – The Thrill EP (OUT NOW!) [Update]

OUT NOW on Beatport, Addictech, iTunes, and more!

Support on Beatport!
Support on iTunes!
Support on Addictech!


The Thrill EP, is a 4 track release by Chris Komus. We’re super stoked about this one, it has a couple 1920′s swing influenced tracks “Record Man” and “Devil’s Thrill”, a remix of Mad Young Darlings “Paraben Paraphernalia”, and epic glitch tune “Golden Promenade” that’s been up on SC for ages and will now be available for purchase!

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